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Feeling (up) Blue

The greyness of Vancouver has been wearing me down, and I was in need of a quick visual pick-me-up.

The destination: Wild Rice (117 West Pender Street)

Despite ten-plus years in operation, I don’t ever recall stepping foot inside. And when I did last week I was immediately drawn to the bar. Sure, those that know me may be saying, “Of course you were,” implying my desire for all things boozy, but I am talking about the actual bar–the counter; the strip that holds one’s cocktail.

At best guess, the illuminated turquoise acrylic slab stretched for at least 25+ feet through the majority of the main floor. It was slick and glossy and oh boy, was it blue. I couldn’t keep my eyes or hands off it. You see, when something appeals to me I resort to a tactile approach to gain a fuller experience. I know, it may seem odd to some, but I am a kinesthetic learner and I indulged; I ran my hands across the top and my fingers swept the side. I knocked on it, I pinched its edges and caressed the points where the shades of turquoise faded with the intensity of the lights underneath. It really is a thing of beauty.

The bar at Wild Rice (photo by a.baye)

Some colour theorists say that the colour turquoise gives a calming yet invigorating sense and heightens levels of creativity and sensitivity. Perhaps the latter point explains how I found myself feeling up the blue bar, but I wonder why my date was in such haste to end the evening?


Pit Stop: Rangali Island, Maldives

Around and around and around we go…spinning the globe for little escape from Vancouver. This week, we have landed on Rangali Island in the Maldives.

Being a diver, I have always been drawn to the Maldives, and now, I have another reason to go. Ithaa restaurant – an acrylic arch submerged a few metres below the surface where you can dine with (and on) sea creatures. Reef fish anyone?

Gotta go or penalty kick?

I am obsessed with signs – signs with bad Engrish, signs with double meaning, and signs that make me laugh. I also have a particular fondness for pictographs. So here is to a new year with my ass back in the saddle posting one of my favourite topics.

At the corner of Smithe and Seymour at the Moda Hotel is Red Card Sports Bar. With a decent selection of beer and the multitude TVs,  it is a perfect hub for sports lovers to spend hours following a puck or ball on the big screen. There is also no doubt that the game of soccer was top of mind in the branding of this locale. So at a commercial break with a pint too many pushing on my bladder I darted through the crowd to find the loo. I stopped in front of the door and giggled. Was the picture on the door a perfect depiction of the discomfort I was feeling or was it based on the theme of soccer and a penalty kick?

Gotta go or penalty kick? (Red Card Sports Bar)

You be the judge.

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