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Pit Stop: Rangali Island, Maldives

Around and around and around we go…spinning the globe for little escape from Vancouver. This week, we have landed on Rangali Island in the Maldives.

Being a diver, I have always been drawn to the Maldives, and now, I have another reason to go. Ithaa restaurant – an acrylic arch submerged a few metres below the surface where you can dine with (and on) sea creatures. Reef fish anyone?


Pit Stop: A Dining Womb

How cool is this?

Dining Womb by architect John Lum (Photo by Shae Rocco) for DIFFA's Dining by Design

With the temperature dropping in the city, there is not much incentive to leave the warm glow of the TV and fleecy PJs to hit the streets in search of some sustenance. However, with a room like this, I may just forget the chicken soup on the stove and don something less synthetic.

Forget the impracticalities like how the middle person will have to have the outside diners shimmy down and out so they can go to the powder room or even how the server could possibly refill wine glasses. Sure the laser-cut cardboard may not be terribly spill-friendly, but this room is cozy and I couldn’t imagine a better place to hunker down and snuggle up with 19 of my friends.

For the curious:

Pit Stop: Tokyo, Japan

Tis Wednesday and we all need a little escape. Check out this restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. I wonder if you are served slop or if they have solitary confinement? Interesting concept, nonetheless.

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