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Gotta go or penalty kick?

I am obsessed with signs – signs with bad Engrish, signs with double meaning, and signs that make me laugh. I also have a particular fondness for pictographs. So here is to a new year with my ass back in the saddle posting one of my favourite topics.

At the corner of Smithe and Seymour at the Moda Hotel is Red Card Sports Bar. With a decent selection of beer and the multitude TVs,  it is a perfect hub for sports lovers to spend hours following a puck or ball on the big screen. There is also no doubt that the game of soccer was top of mind in the branding of this locale. So at a commercial break with a pint too many pushing on my bladder I darted through the crowd to find the loo. I stopped in front of the door and giggled. Was the picture on the door a perfect depiction of the discomfort I was feeling or was it based on the theme of soccer and a penalty kick?

Gotta go or penalty kick? (Red Card Sports Bar)

You be the judge.


Pin Ups at Bao Bei

Pin Ups in the Men's Loo at Bao Bei

I was told about these pin ups a while back and I will admit I am not overly fond of venturing into a men’s loo even on those most desperate times, but heading into the male washroom at Bao Bei was a nice little treat. And it could be also be a nice visual treat for the men that visit it too. (Note to the ladies: if you are at Bao Bei and your man excuses himself for a little longer than usual, he may just be getting an appetite, and you could be going home for a second dinner.)

The Chinese Head

Woman's Bathroom door at Bao Bei

Geishas and Samurais

After a few bottles of hot sake at Guu Gastown I stumbled upon a pleasant surprise at the threshold of the powder room. There were no metallic labels or stick figures distinguishing  the men’s from the women’s (which, to my amusement, was haphazardly removed here). Instead, the doors were adorned with a paper fan of a geisha and another of a samurai. Smart. A simple touch.

And while the bathrooms at Guu aren’t necessarily fit for military nobility or graceful courtesans, it is refreshing to find creativity in the small details of decor.


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