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Meat & Bread: Part 2 – The Details

I knew from first walking into Meat & Bread that there were stories to be had behind the touches of circus sideshow decor, and thus they needed to be uncovered. I returned a few days later and had brief chats with Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington who were delighted in sharing the tales.

The Punching Bag – Frankie’s eBay find

eBay Punching Bag and Grandpa's boxing gloves

While working with the designers Glasfurd and Walker, Frankie Harrington was flipping through photos and stumbled upon a punching bag. He immediately wanted one. A few hours, a few glasses of something, and a few eBay pages later, he found one. The minimum bid was $1, and to be on the safe side, he bid $2. The next morning, Frankie was a proud owner of this punching bag. A fantastic score, but the only trouble was it was in Australia. And this is where fate may come into play (and a costly shipping bill) because the boxing gloves latched onto the bag were Cord’s grandfather’s–an ode to the familial roots, perhaps?


Badger? Ferret? Possibly the worst taxidermy in the city.

I suppose there is a gathering of people who profess that taxidermy as being a dying art. Although I was slightly unsettled by eating in the presence of a stuffed beady-eyed badger and gazelle-like creature, I do see it as an homage to our caveman heritage. Oddly, it fits perfectly within this space–Look, I conquered beast, now we eat meat! With a devious grin Cord agreed that it is slightly creepy and shared a brief tale of how some of his more delicate guests at his former abode would get a little freaked out. Yet, with a sense of playful/sarcastic humour Cord seems to have a head start in the collection of “the worst possible taxidermy” in Vancouver.

Curiosity Cabinet

Frankie's father's handball trophies

Frankie was on a roll. After explaining the details of his eBay punching bag he jumped up, “Oh, have you seen this? You have to see this.” He walked over to the far left corner of the restaurant where there was what I will call a curiosity cabinet–it could actually be a window, but I dare not interrupt Frankie’s enthusiasm at this point to clarify.  He opened the cabinet door which housed two trophies. He took them out for me to inspect. “These are my father’s handball trophies. He was big into handball. Do you know handball?” he asked gesturing the cupped hand and scooping of a ball. But before I could answer or ask something else, he was gone, most likely off to greet more customers.

The Meat Sign and Reclaimed Floor Boards

Reclaimed sign and floorboards

Salvaged from a scrap yard, these boys uncovered a light up sign that once touted the name of a highschool team, the “Eagles.” Now it roots for their beloved team, Meat.

Mustard and Floorboards

But that isn’t the only reclaimed piece in this space. There are bits of the original floorboards incorporated into the design. Cord pointed out that the back wall that was once a doorway is now boarded up with them, the shelves holding their fixings, and the frame around the magnetic board–all reclaimed and reused from the original space.

And these are the stories of the objects at Meat & Bread. If my gut tells me anything, I am pretty damn sure that I merely scraped the surface. With the humour and zeal that these guys possess and the synergy and energy they bring to this new endeavour, will surely bring about more stories.

Cord Jarvie-reflection at Meat & Bread

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