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What is in a name?

Gwangju, South Korea - 2007 (Photo by Amanda Baye)

I snapped this picture several years ago on a trip to Korea. Actually walking past this landmark was no coincidence. My friend had actually planned this as part of the scenic tour–a must see on a large list of things to do. Yes, I was titillated and amused and the only foreigner around taking pictures of the sign. I still have no idea what they serve–I guess chicken, but since I have heard of restaurants serving the delicacies of animals’ dongs, I wasn’t so keen in trying.

But it got me thinking, what is in a name? What makes a name of a restaurant stick in people’s minds? As I trawled the interweb I found a pretty comprehensive collection of tips and advice, which I have compiled below. Now let’s see how “Cock” measures up. 

1. Short – check.
2. Easy to remember – check. (More like hard to forget.)
3. Easy to spell – check.
4. Requires no explanation – FAIL–Imagine the conversation: “I work for Cock just around the corner…”
5. Reflects the theme, food or location – FAIL–unless they do serve up animal genitalia, they’ve nailed it.
6. Starts with a strong consonant – check
7. It’s fun to say and rolls off the tongue – double-check!
8. It creates an impression – absolutely.

According to my list “Cock” gets 6 out of 8. But they get the bonus points for sheer entertainment.


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