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An Interlude at the Keefer

Cold and snowy had been the Vancouver forecast as of late so when The Keefer Bar (@thekeeferbar) tweeted, “The streets are clear, and we’ve got a fire to warm your hands and whiskey to warm your belly,” I knew a jaunt to 135 Keefer Street was in order.

Fire pit at the Keefer Bar

I love sitting a patio. Period. And if I can do that in late November surrounded by a warmth manufactured by propane heaters, a fire pit, and some whiskey, hand’s down, I am in. The Keefer’s patio, unlike it’s summer version of  deuces and fours around small tables,  is now set with eight chairs circling the fire pit.  Pillows shield your butt from the coolness of the metal the chairs, lanterns added touches of warmth and the awning protects you from the typical winter drizzle. It is a perfect protected and cozy outdoor escape.

Sitting around a fire pit conjures up memories straight out of my childhood cottage life, and to fully indulge in a childhood interlude in this city, I knew there would be one thing missing…


All it took was a bit of preparation and the vision was complete. Armed with a bag of Jet Puffs and a twig from a neighbouring tree, a popular camping/backyard tradition had gone urbane.

As a sidenote: my companion and I agreed that both the Rosemary Gimlet and the Silk Road pairs quite nicely with the molten gooey blobs.

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